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090909 UpStage Festival Preview from UpStage on Vimeo.

Join us live at the Cafe Muffathalle in Munich or online on Upstage! on 9 September 2009 for new performances of SALVATION! Show time is 4 PM local time for an online-only version–or 8:30 PM local time (MET) for the live event at the Cafe Muffathalle, where Marlena Corcoran will perform live and we will project the performance onto a large-format screen. For either performance, if you’re watching from your own space, click here to log in on your own computer 15 minutes before show time to allow time for the stage to load.
Need help? Click for details are on the Upstage! website.

On September 9, 2009 Upgrade! Munich and the Muffatwerk present:

The Cyberformance Festival 090909

As we did last year, we are participating in this year’s Cyberformance Festival. Between the 8th and 10th of September, 13 cyberformances from numerous artists around the world and across all time zones will be presented on the UpStage online cyberformance platform.

In Munich we will present:

  Marlena Corcoran live with her work Salvation,
– broadcasts of three further cyberformances,
– and hold a talk with Helen Varley Jamieson, founder of the Cyberformance Festival.


Further information on the festival is at:

Many thanks to and the Muffatwerk for their support!


Mittwoch, den 9. September 2009
ab 20.00 Uhr(Eintritt frei)

Café Muffathalle
Zellstrasse 4, 81667 München

MVV: S-Bahn Rosenheimer Platz


Breve biografia:

Marlena Corcoran, ricercatrice e artista newyorkese residente da molti anni in Germania, ha condotto i propri studi a Parigi, Harvard, Princeton, Brown e Oxford. Le sue cyberperformance includono “Water Under the Bridge” (2008), Isis (2007) on Upstage!, “BirthData” (Confrontations, NY: 2006), “Helena” (mark(s)zine, 2004) e “The Birth of the Christ Child: A Divine Comedy” (PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, 2003). Si è spesso esibita anche con il gruppo di teatro d’improvvisazione online The Plaintext Players (Biennale di Venezia 1997, Documenta X).



“Salvation” brings together stories of rescue and redemption at the crossroads of land and water, New York and Venice, heaven and earth, literature and technology. For the Munich performances on 9 September 2009, you will see Antoinette LaFarge will create the “stage set” live on your screen as she draws in time to the text. Original lyrics by Marlena Corcoran feature the story of a woman who almost drowned in New York harbor, and the story of the wedding of the Venetian doge with the sea. In the background, we hear a man intone in Italian the instructions for what to do if someone falls overboard from a vaporetto: cast a life-saving ring into the sea. The sights and sounds of New York harbor mix with the tolling bells of the Venetian Church of the Redeemer.

“Salvation” is a cyberformance, for which players in different countries log on to the Upstage! server in New Zealand. The performance appears on the screen of any computer logged in as audience. Upstage! requires no special software; one simply points one’s browser to the url of the “stage” for this performance. Audience members see the performance develop on their desktops, and hear the voices and sound effects through the speakers of their computers. For a public venue, the performance is projected onto a large-scale projection screen or wall; the sound is fed through loudspeakers.

“Salvation” will be a networked performance, with performers in Munich and California. There will be RL projection nodes in Munich, Germany; Freies Atelierhaus, Graz, Austria; the Eclectic Tech Carnival in Istanbul; New Dowse Gallery and Hutt City Libraries, New Zealand; Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada; Syneme, University of Calgary, Canada; Culture Center Pancevo, Serbia; APO33, Nantes, France; and MAD@Smalle, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

A video recording will be made of the performance of “Salvation.”

“Salvation” will be performed live online by Marlena Corcoran and Antoinette LaFarge.