This is my friend Anna, also known as LadyButler. Anna’s closets actually look like this. It is a little scary and I try not to think about it too much. However, I do think–often–about my own shortcomings in this regard. I think how much nicer my life would be if my closets were not inhabited by demonic textiles.

I do know what the problem is, and I will not burden you with my personal neuroses. Just remember that the first short story of my adult life is called “The Closet and the Money,” and deals with the detritus of the Second World War, that somehow wound up stuffed in a standing closet in my childhood bedroom. That’s all I will say for now.

But I do so wish I could move just ten centimeters toward Anna’s end of the spectrum.

Anna emailed me today and asked if I would like her to bring over some of her new hangers, which can be custom tailored with shoulder pads or skirt clips, to suit the exact garment that will hang on this hanger.

I would. So I thought I’d begin cleaning out my closets by bringing some crappy old hangers back to the dry cleaner, as I am not planning to go into the illegal abortion business any time soon. Surely I could part with wire hangers. And then I could practice color coding the shirts in my husband’s closets. This should be a fairly elementary exercise, as he only owns two colors of shirts.

The photo on the right is about as far as I got.

If you live in Germany or the UK, I recommend that you contact LadyButler. The alternative is Bellevue.